Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yes Autumn, there is snow in Texas...

Crazy past month, Autumn turned 5 this month and won't let anyone forget it. :) And we got snow!

Yes, in Texas we had maybe 1/2 an inch of snow on the ground and the whole city closed up (they even closed the freeways!) for the day. Autumn is defiantly a snow child, she stayed out in it until it was almost gone.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Say What?

Lately little Miss. has been a fountain of fun with the things that come out of her cute little mouth. The most recent comment involved the word "kitty" and her constant desire to use the "t" sound instead of the "k".

That's right, yesterday her teacher told me that they were pretending that they were cats and little Miss. was asking the other little kids to pet her "titty". Oh my.

Almost as good as when she told me I would make a great witch for Halloween, only she used a "b" instead. Yupe that's my daughter.

On that note, she also concerns me with some of the things that she says. Last night she was telling me that she just didn't feel like herself. I asked her to tell me what she felt like, and her response was to tell me she felt "white", I asked her to elaborate a bit, and she said "you know, blank, nothing." Where does a 4 year old learn this? Should I be concerned? Such a deep thing for a child to say.

I think I would rather have the cute things, rather than the deep, disturbing (at least to me) comments.

A few of my favorite craft things this year....

In no real order :

All the rings that I made for Autumn

Some hair clips that I also made (she wanted to look like Rapunzel)

My camera strap. I wish I had taken a picture of the one that I made for my friend!

I love snowmen, so I decided to grab some vinyl and make my own snowman fridge!

The snack for Autumn's class in December...they don't travel very well!!

November's snack! Take a sugar cone for ice cream, steam it for just a few seconds and then bend in half to form a cornucopia! I filled it with trail mix, candy corn and some gummy cherries!

Another hair thing for Autumn. When I was teaching preschool, I was able to get a hold of a bunch of fabric sample books. Now that I am not teaching, my husband wanted me to get rid of them. I was almost going to throw them out when I figured that I could do hair things and some cute applique with them. :)

Just for fun a bag that I put together when a bunch of friends and I went on a trip to Austin to hit up the scrapbook stores, have lunch and get cupcakes!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trying to win!

I am in crazy mode trying to win a lovely Silhouette (and for those of you that say I ALWAYS win something, that isn't true!). I have tired to win one several times with no luck. They just look like soooooo much fun!

Dave refuses to buy me one since I have the Cricut, but those carts are just to darn expensive...I love the idea of buying the image I want and only that image.. keep your fingers crossed!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boy time flies...

It's almost a new year and I have not posted since Spring Break!

Lots going on in the Andrus household. I am now a full time SAHM, and while I love it to death, I am bored some days.

Autumn is growing like a weed, and is more like Dave everyday!

One of my goals this next year is to get back on the blogging bandwagon, but only time will tell if I can keep up with it.

We added a new kitty to the family back in July, and she is now 6 months old (yes she was super young when I found her, I even had to bottle feed her) and a royal terror, but a sweetie!

As you can see, Autumn likes Bagheera as well. :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break Fun...before the start

In true fun fashion, we made some flower bonnets this morning with paper plates and foam flowers. Autumn had a blast with it!!

This evenings dinner was bbq chicken, twice baked potatoes and for dessert..... smores made inside since it is super chilly out!

Autumn had made these before, but I am sure she doesn't remember it! They were a hit, and I think we will be making them alot this summer!!

You know you are old when....

You can't make it a whole night sleeping on the floor! Last night Autumn and I camped out in the living room with some popcorn and a movie. I think around 3 am I moved to the couch, and did for a split second think of going to my bed, but alas a scared four year old wouldn't have been fun.

Spring Break has started for us and I have lots of plans for Autumn. Yesterday we stayed at home instead of going to school because Daddy's car was in the shop and I didn't want to deal with all the logistics of finding her a ride. So what does a kiddo do when stuck at home instead of out and about? Collect rolly pollys! Autumn now has a bucket home filled with soil and decaying plants full of rolly pollys on her bookcase. We shall see how long they last. The best thing is that there is no lack of rolly pollys around here!

This week we have plans to see the Dinosaurs at the Witte, the Zoo, bluebonnets, cookie decorating with friends, and who knows what else we can find to get into!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bad Blogger!

I have been a horrible blogger, so here are the past few months in review!

You had to be there to really get this picture. On a girls weekend we drove out to Lake Dunlap and rented a huge house for the weekend. Driving up one of the girls spotted this on the side of the road and couldn't stop laughing. I never saw it when I drove up, so when we went out to dinner she slowed down so we could see it. I so thought it was a perfect place for pictures, so after dinner we had a blast taking pictures. The woman who owned the property came out to see what we were doing and we assured her that we were not crazy teenagers, just a bunch of mom's away from the kiddos!

Family picture at the inlaws house! We had a blast playing in the snow!
Can you tell she loves the winter weather!

It didn't take to long before Autumn figured out how to ride this.

Super fast daddy ride! (the house is on an incline so you can sled down to the water.
Febuary rolled around in time for someone's 4th birthday! I couldn't resist a picture of her with all the stuff she recieved! My goodness what a spoiled little child. She did get rid of toys to make room, so all was good.
We had Autumn's birthday at the local gym place called J and R. She invited both her classes and had a blast running around and playing on all the gym equipment. A special thanks to my friend Amber L. who took the pictures for me!
And finally birthday wishes. Instead of a huge cake, I went with cupcakes again this year. Simple and easy to clean up!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back home again

This past Saturday, we headed to Michigan for my husband's grandmother's funeral. Dave had intended to go himself and then said he knew his mom would love to see Autumn, so off we all went. :)

Other than the sad part, Autumn had a blast playing in the snow and seeing her cousins. Grandma only cried a few times when we left because Autumn didn't want to leave her Grandma.

It's crazy to see how big the kids are getting. I love getting to spend time with Dave's family since we don't see them very often.

One thing that did stand out was that the family he was always compared to ("you should be more like your cousin..etc), didn't know basic funeral etiquette. Dave and his mom, dad, sister and bil were the only ones that were dressed up for the funeral. It was weird seeing people so casual for it. Go figure. I think his grandmother would have been unhappy that the cousins weren't dressed right for church. :)